Documents you need


The documents required for a German tax refund are:

    • Filled Application (PDF)
    • Copy of the first page of a valid passport
    • Copy of visa (if it is required for work)
    • Lohnsteuerbescheinigung - from every employer you worked for that year
    • Notarize EWR form - a certificate of earned income you should verify by the Tax Administration of the municipality of residence, in the home country. EWR form is mandatory for all non-citizens and those who have not stayed in Germany all year.
    • Instructions from the bank for transfer of money in EUR to a foreign currency account
    • Signed cooperation agreement

*If you sent money as family help, it is necessary to submit copies of documents proving the amounts of money sent (Western Union certificates, bank statements, Ria Transfer, etc.) and a certified statement of support for each household member. This document needs to be notarized.

* If you gave the money to the family in cash, you need to enclose proof of withdrawal from the account, proof of travel (airline tickets, passport stamp), and a statement of the dependent that he/she received the money.

Feel free to contact us to get all the necessary forms and an example of the completed documentation.

You can forward the completed and scanned documentation:

1.            By email to:

2.            By mail or bring it to: Maksima Gorkog 3/4, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.