Soka Bau


Soka Bau is an independent construction fund for the reimbursement of compensation for the annual leave of construction workers and the payment of earnings.

Upon return to their home country, construction workers (except electricians) in Germany are entitled to the payment of funds paid by the employer for annual leave.

You are entitled to a maximum of thirty paid days of annual leave in one year, ie. 1 day of annual leave for every 12 working days.

If you didn’t use your annual leave, you are entitled to compensation for the previous two years.

Payments are possible only to the foreign currency account of the worker, and the average waiting time for payment is 3-6 weeks from the date of sending the request.

We send requests for payment of reimbursement for you for the days of unused annual leave.


Required documentation for Soka Bau:

  • Filled Application(PDF)
  • Printed ID card
  • Copy of the first page of a valid passport
  • Foreign currency bank account information
  • Employee account statement and right to leave (letters from Soka Bau)


You can forward the completed and scanned documentation:

  1. By email to:
  2. By mail or bring it to: Maksima Gorkog 3/4, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.